The Exhibition is in Transit x The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change

September 29
15-17 (CEST)

Ticket: Free
Language: English
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The Exhibition is in Transit is an ongoing series of publications developed by Ephemeral Care and edited by Joe Rowley. The first volume of the series was produced in collaboration with USA based platform fLoromancy which offers month-long digital residencies for artists, curators and projects.

The Exhibition is in Transit, as a concept, focuses on the changing dynamics within exhibition making which have resulted - directly or indirectly - from the ongoing COVID pandemic. As we see it these go hand-in-hand with wider access to digital formats and platforms, new technologies such as AR and VR and shifts in mainstream institutional and funding attitudes towards various media's relevance and acknowledgement.

Ephemeral Care as an organisation focuses on ethics, practice and structures in artist-run initiatives. With that in mind, The Exhibition is in Transit also shows a strong desire as a series to frame its content through the lens of artist-run. All of the contributors have some background with artist-run, independent or self-organised projects and that experience has impacted the ways they approach exhibition and exhibition-making.

This session forms part of Ephemeral Care’s programme for GIBCA Extended 2021. The idea of this session is to put the contributions from The Exhibition is in Transit together with the contexts of The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change. Through doing this we hope to open up a discussion around the exhibition that forms the core of this year's biennial and think about how it could impact on and develop exhibition strategies in Göteborg over the coming years.


Sounds About White

October 5
10-15 (CEST)

Buy Ticket - Göteborg (Oct 5)

Ticket: $5
Language: Swedish

What is whiteness, and why should we acknowledge it? How can we identify the phenomenon that is whiteness, and in what ways does it occur in our day-to-day lives? This workshop with Ephemeral Care and Hanna Skoglar, literary scholar with an interest in critical whiteness studies, centers around the possible ways to lay bare whiteness as a phenomenon and how we can critically scrutinise it using several theorists and cultural and social occurrences. By connecting the worlds historical and colonial heritage with the present, and by shedding light on its relevance, this workshop aims to offer tools to those who wish to approach whiteness as a phenomenon in a critically empowered way.

Hosted by Godisfabriken, Göteborg, SE. Vegan lunch provided.


Community: a workshop

November 6 & 7
10-17 (CEST)

Buy ticket - Online (Nov 6)

Buy ticket - Göteborg (Nov 7)

Ticket: $6
Language: English

Ephemeral Care will lead two workshop sessions exploring the theme community. On November 6th the workshop will be digital. The workshop on November 7th will be in person in Göteborg, Sweden, hosted by Godisfabriken.

In the workshops we will think about how we define "community" as cultural organisations and how we service, support, communicate with and become part of the communities which surround us.

Each workshop is a full day with a vegan lunch provided to participants.

Ephemeral Care focuses on ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led and self-organised projects.