Research Board Members - Call

DEADLINE - 5.5.2022

To apply, send us a pdf with a CV and a short motivational letter outlining your research interests, what you would bring to Ephemeral Care and why you are interested in joining us as a research board member.

Submit by 18.00 (CEST) Monday May 2nd 2022 to:

We are looking for new research board members!

Who are we?

Ephemeral Care is a research organisation with a focus on ethics, structures and practice in artist-run initiatives. The current research board members are Joe Rowley, Giulia Busetti, Hanna Skoglar, Felicia Robertson and Connor Brazier. Our core location is in Göteborg, Sweden however almost all of our work happens digitally.

Our goal is to inform and discuss, by providing information on topics focusing on commitment to equality and diversity. We will provide a space to share ideas by exploring how geographically diverse artist-run projects can learn from one-another. We aim to support and develop by providing practical, financial and conceptual skills and resources to help communicate these systems. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we hope to inspire increased grassroots activity in the culture sector, in order to encourage a more diverse future for artist-run activity. We are committed to providing strategies for implementing changes that are directly related to equality and diversity at all levels of our cultural ecosystems.

Who are you?

We are looking for new research board members who bring with them enthusiasm and drive to be a part of exploring and engaging with the issues which face artist-run initiatives and ethical, sustainable cultural ecosystems generally. You should have an interest in artist-run activity and a research focus that builds into socially engaged practice, publicness and publication. You should be someone keen to share both your knowledge and experiences and able to work as a part of a non-hierarchical team whilst taking the initiative in the projects you want to produce.

We are a transnational organisation and are accepting applicants from anywhere in the world. The greater the range of understandings of artist-run from cultural, economical, environmental and theoretical positions and locations the better in developing strategies that can be tailored to different sets of needs and resources. We want to move away from a global north-west perspective on artist-run activity and understand global contexts.

How does it benefit you?

We have a multidisciplinary team who are encouraged to take responsibility for their own projects within Ephemeral Care. As a member of the research board you would be able to develop projects within your own field of research with a site for publishing, a platform for interaction and the support of a group of like minded professionals. Whilst we are looking at artist-run we are also fundamentally an artist run initiative ourselves, we have great degree of flexibility but are also reliant on funding. With an increasing profile and engagement with other platforms and artists we are becoming a more attractive proposition for funders which can help in the development of your projects. We have been active with public facing activity including presentations at Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm and workshops as part of Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2021 amongst others.

In the next year we are targeting a more secure status as an organisation for which we need members with skills and commitment who can help us move towards a financial footing which is more stable. As a research board member you get the chance to help direct how that process takes shape. We are also working towards opening a physical space in Göteborg to act as a space for presenting and testing out the ideas we are working through as researchers.

All of the research board members are currently unpaid roles, this is something that we are working to address but as an organisation we are committed to a caring and ethically paced working environment where the time, emotional, physical and mental pressures members face are understood and catered for.

Ephemeral Care focuses on ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led and self-organised projects.