Cross Pollination: Sweden is an ongoing project by Joe Rowley and Tal Gilad in association with Ephemeral Care. The focus is on increasing levels of cross pollination between the different regional and urban-local art scenes around Sweden.

Cross-Pollination: Sweden was initiated in Dec 2021-Jan 2022 during a three week residency at the NKF Guest Ateljé at Malongen, Stockholm. During the residency period we made initial sketches for the project and had our first site visits and interviews with Jonas Böttern of Hillside Projects, Stella D’Ailly of Mossutställningar and Chiara Bugatti, artist and member of Biblioteket-A. Using interview, active listening and short-form reporting as methodology we are really focusing on finding out what artists, curators, and creative workers in general need; what they feel is missing. We directly ask how they would like to see cross-pollination develop. Instead of prescribing a set of strategies to approach a problem we don’t fully understand we want to try and identify and situate the perceived lack of cross-pollination from as many positions as possible.

But what is cross-pollination?? We are modeling the process of cross-pollination from the biological definition - an exchange of information, energy and resources to mutually benefit both parties - into a cultural-ecosystem setting. This ultimately aims to encourage symbiotic relationships between cultural communities around the country which develop better visibility, resources and discourse between artists, curators and various other aspects of the culture sector.


Cross-Pollination Bureau - Interviews - NKF Guest Ateljé, Malongen, Stockholm



On April 28th 2022 we will be hosting a day of interview sessions at the Cross-Pollination Burau, NKF Guest Ateljé, Malongen, Stockholm. Sessions will be between 11.00 and 16.00 and last around 45 mins.

If you are open to sharing your understanding and situation within the Swedish cultural sphere with us and contributing your position to Cross-Pollination: Sweden please book a time via the link above.

Cross-Pollination Bureau - Zoom Round Table


Tal Gilad and Joe Rowley will be hosting a round table which will briefly present the Cross-Pollination: Sweden and open the floor for discussion from folks situated more widely around the country.
All are welcome to participate in the session which will run from 17.00–18.00 on Zoom.

Cross-Pollination Bureau - Social - NKF Guest Ateljé, Malongen, Stockholm

28-04-2022 - 18.00–21.00

Join us for food, drinks, music and good vibes - in person and free of charge. If you would like to join us for the dinner please RSVP here so we can make sure we have enough food!

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