Exhibition in Transit

The Exhibition is in Transit vol. 1 : Winnie Herbstein

The exhibition is in transit,

gloves, nails, screws


cups, plates, cutlery.

Masking tape, measuring tape,

Spirit level, hand towel,

Adjustable lights





Rawl plugs™

Drill bits - masonry,

metal, wood

Blue roll.

Roller and tray.

Paint brushes.

White paint,

Floor paint,

overnight drying time,


Rag, Accountant,


Landlord, rent, rates; electricity


Union rep.

Public - private -

third sector “partnerships”.

Thriving art scene,


Dust pan and brush,

buffer polisher. Toilet brush.

Carbon monoxide alarm,

Fire Alarm,

Unconscious Bias Training.

Data capture system

security system.

Ice delivery,


Public accounts

- artist fee

TV mount.

AV equipment (RMD to phono, phone to phono, phono to scart.

RMD component to phono adapter)

media player

USB stick

SD memory card,

Clear communication,


If you have any access requirements you

would like us to be aware of, please do not

hesitate to get in contact

Trigger warning,


Content warning,

Revitalisation. Renaissance.

Locale in desirable part of town,

Industrial feel, original features,

Complaints procedure.

Community outreach programme.

Interactive online platform.

Flat screen

Box screen

Projector screen



access ramp,

access to resources

accessible text

risk assessment



Train travel

bus travel

- transparency

Waste collection.

glass recycling,

window cleaner,


collective ownership,

living wage

Cordless drill.



Winnie Herbstein graduated from Glasgow School of Art (Environmental Art). A committee member at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Herbstein has studied on the Women in Construction course at the City of Glasgow College and is a member of Slaghammers, a feminist welding group. Herbstein's recent work has focussed on gendered labour and materials, historical and contemporary forms of organising, and the architecture and formation of space. These are explored through practice- based research, finding an output in the medium of video and sculpture. She is currently working on an exhibition exploring the histories of housing and community activism in Scotland to be shown at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow in 2021.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Brace (Jupiter Woods, London, 2019) and STUDWORK (Glasgow International, 2018). She has shown in numerous group shows and screenings and has been a visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art since 2017.

The Exhibition is in Transit vol.1 features contributions from Cédric Fauq, Cosmos Carl, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jade Foster, Martí Manen, P*D*A*, Tal Gilad and Winnie Herbstein.

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